Elope in Glacier National Park and Stay at Montana Treehouse Retreat.

This past summer/fall season we have had the pleasure of hosting elopers from all over the country. The beauty of Glacier National Park draws more and more visitors each year and what more perfect place to get married than here?

Nikki and Brandon tied the knot last month in Montana while enjoying their time at Montana Treehouse Retreat. Nikki shared her wedding video with me and it was so beautifully done that I just had to share. Watching the footage of Nikki and Brandon getting ready for their wedding day in the treehouse and then the first look when he sees her walk down the spiral stair in her dress is just beautiful. What a fairytale.

I love the idea of a simpler wedding with the intention of spending more on memories as Nikki says. See below. Wow. Thanks for visiting us guys and wishing you a lifetime of adventures such as this!

Video by Evan Lanier (Livemore Weddings)

1. Tell us how you met each other. Where do you live?

Brandon and I met through our brothers who are best friends. We live in Rome, Georgia.

2. Why did you decide to elope?

I’ve always (thought) I wanted a big wedding but when it came down to it, I didn’t want to deal with the stress of planning all the details a big wedding entails. We decided we would rather spend the money on making memories together.

3. Have you been to Montana before? What made you choose to elope to Montana? 

This was our first time in Montana, it had been on our bucket list for a while. When we decided we wanted to get married, we were already planning our trip and decided we would just tie the knot while we were there! 

4. Had you stayed in a treehouse before? 

No, definitely a first for us!

5. Why did you want to elope and stay at Montana Treehouse Retreat?

We had been researching hotels, lodges, etc. for about a month and since we were not at all familiar with the area, we were having a hard time deciding where to stay. One day, I just happen to look on Pinterest for “best place to stay near GNP”   The treehouse popped up and once I saw the pictures and location, I just knew this was our place!

6. Tell us about how you chose the location for your wedding!

I found my photographer (Marianne West) before I even started looking for flights or a place to stay, her blog with some past elopement shoots helped tremendously! 

Our elopement was so personal and intimate with only my mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and sister there. Also, because the wind was SO STRONG on our wedding day we ended up getting married at a different location than we had originally planned ( by two medicine lake). We ended up doing the actual ceremony at Running Eagle Falls and that is the first little hike we did when we started exploring in GNP on our very first day, not knowing we would be getting married there!

We fell in love with Montana and cannot wait to visit again. We plan on exploring a new national park every year for our anniversary! 

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