Magical Glacier National Park Elopement

We love to see happy couples eloping at Montana Treehouse Retreat and Glacier National Park. Check out some beautiful scenes of Taylor and Vince’s magical elopement. What could be more romantic than saying your “I Do’s” in Glacier National Park amongst the grand mountains and retreating back to your own private treehouse? See for yourself. Congratulations to the lovely couple Taylor and Vince!

All images courtesy of Jennifer Mooney Photography.

Interested in eloping at Montana Treehouse Retreat? We don’t charge extra for elopements. It’s our belief that you should enjoy this moment at a fair price. Check availability to plan your special day!

Montana Treehouse Retreat Featured by Zillow!

This Stylish Treehouse Is Luxury Off-the-Grid Living


Original Post on Zillow.

More castle-like than rustic, this forested glamping retreat took the couple three years to build.

Kati O’Toole and her husband, Darin, wanted to create a giant piece of artwork on their private and heavily wooded seven-acre property in Montana. They ended up with what they refer to as the Montana Treehouse Retreat — a two-story, fully finished treehouse nestled among three living trees.

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“Everybody thought we were crazy [at] the beginning, like ‘What are you guys doing building a treehouse here?’ Our parents thought we were crazy,” says Kati.

But the hard work and vision paid off, and now visitors from all over the world routinely come to stay at their carefully crafted work of art. The 700-square-foot treehouse features a master suite with a deck that overlooks the forest, a living area with three benches that can double as sleeping quarters, and two bathrooms. Guests can also prepare a meal in the treehouse’s downstairs kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, a stove, a sink and a dishwasher.

“There’s even air conditioning in this treehouse, because we wanted to create a very luxury experience here. I have to be honest — the treehouse is nicer inside than the house that I live in, so I like to come back here and just have a little retreat away from it all,” says Kati.

Every detail of the treehouse was painstakingly thought out, and most of the materials were either sourced locally or repurposed. The trim and the interior feature wood that Darin himself milled, sanded and finished, and the breakfast table nook was made from the base of a tree located right on their property.

One of Kati’s favorite details of the treehouse, however, is the spiraling exterior staircase, which is wrapped around a large tree shipped in from Darin’s grandmother’s yard, roots and all.

Although Darin handled most of the heavy-duty construction of the structure, Kati’s handiwork is all over the interior.

“We wanted it to be kind of funky and modern — but still have some Montana accents and still be a little rustic too. So there were many things coming into play, and we wanted people to feel like it was a very cozy home away from home when they came here, and just like a one-of-a-kind Montana experience,” she says.

A combination of white shiplap and multicolored wood paneling covers the interior walls, giving the home an eclectic yet polished farmhouse look, and expansive windows create an open, airy feeling in the small living spaces. Modern elements that are dotted throughout the house, like the industrial chandelier in the kitchen and the black hexagon and subway tiles in the bathrooms, are more reminiscent of a boutique hotel than a remote treehouse located near Glacier National Park.

Close to Kati’s heart are the pieces by local artists that don the walls, with some of the pieces coming from guests who created the artwork while staying at the treehouse.

“It’s been really cool to see [how] this place inspires people,” she says.

But the defining characteristic of this home — and what guests travel miles for — is the unique experience of living out your childhood dreams of sleeping in a treehouse.

“It’s a very unique feeling that most people have never experienced, to be lying in bed and seeing a tree — or you’re actually moving. And people have told me that they love the experience, and it’s — yeah, it’s a treehouse. That’s the beauty. It’s a real treehouse,” says Kati.

Outside Magazine Features Montana Treehouse Retreat

The Treehouse Mansion of Your Dreams Is in Montana

The Montana Treehouse Retreat has not one but two spiral staircases that lift you up into the treetops.

by Samantha Yadron

original article at Outside Magazine, online.

Montana Treehouse Retreat Outside Magazine 3

The Montana Treehouse Retreat, near Whitefish, Montana, isn’t your childhood backyard treehouse. Its creators, Kati O’Toole and Darin Robison, didn’t want their guests to trade creature comforts for time spent in nature. Their cabin is “the best of both worlds,” O’Toole says. Sleeping four, with two spiral staircases, two full bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and a full kitchen, it’s the home base you’ll need after a long day of exploring the Montana wilderness.

Montana Treehouse Retreat Outside Magazine 4

Nestled within 7.5 acres of secluded forest, the retreat offers city amenities like bars, restaurants, and shopping within reach—it’s a five-minute trip to Columbia Falls or Whitefish, Montana. If you bring your mountain bike or trail running shoes, the Flathead Valley provides more than 42 miles of singletrack. In summer, the Whitefish Ski Resort metamorphoses into a downhill bike park. It’s also just 30 minutes away from hiking trails in Glacier National Park via the Going-to-the-Sun Road, a can’t-miss scenic drive with views of glaciers and waterfalls.

Montana Treehouse Retreat Outside Magazine 5

The largest trunk in the house’s architecture, incorporated into the spiral staircase at the entrance, isn’t native to the forest. It’s a lightning-struck Douglas fir from the front yard of Robison’s late grandmother’s house in Echo Lake, Montana. When his grandma passed, excavating and repurposing the dying tree was how Robison chose to honor her. In addition to the trunk, the cabin wraps around four living trees. 

Montana Treehouse Retreat Outside Magazine 6

“He wanted the entrance to the treehouse to be something really magical,” O’Toole says. John Colliander, a friend of Robison’s and one of the craftsmen behind TreeWorks Log and Timber Construction, a cabin contracting company based in the area, bolted each tread of the spiral staircase.

Montana Treehouse Retreat Outside Magazine

Both artists—O’Toole writes songs and Robison is a painter, illustrator, and sculptor—put other custom touches on the treehouse.O’Toole handcrafted all the shelving and bedside tables from milled remnants of the cabin’s initial build. “Everything has a story and was made by a craftsman,” O’Toole says. “It’s a real work of art.”

Even hardcore adventurers need a soft place to land. For a place to rest after a day well spent exploring the trails, mountains, and waterways of western Montana, book here for $399 per night.

Minnie and Jason's Elopement at Montana Treehouse Retreat

We love the idea of eloping. To be honest, if I could go back, I might do it myself. Less stress, more focused on the love of the couple and making the day uniquely their own. We were honored to host Minnie and Jason and be a part of their magical elopement/wedding day and team up with the creative team of Elope Montana for the first time!

The lovely couple got ready, had their first look, took pre-wedding photos and then headed to Glacier National Park (just 30 minutes away) for the actual ceremony. After a super private and romantic ceremony, they headed back to the treehouse for some uninterrupted honeymoon bliss. See for yourself the magic that can unfold.

Contact Kati at: 406-890-9925 if you’re interested in checking out availability for your own special day.

Special Thanks to:
The Elope Montana Team!

Lindsey Jane Photography

Kate Berry Officiant: A Joyful Matrimony

Marcela Cloud: Hair/Makeup

Room Porn Features Montana Treehouse Retreat!

Staying at the Montana Treehouse Retreat

A Treehouse of Dreams near Glacier National Park


Hey all, it’s Roberto. This past week I took Carleigh & Odie on a trip up north to the great state of Montana to visit the Whitefish area. Whitefish, and the surrounding Glacier National Park has been a region we’ve been admiring from afar because of the beautiful Instagram photos our friends Justin & Travis would often post of their hometown. So we decided to visit them.

We reached out to the popular Montana Treehouse Retreat  to see if they had any nights available, and to our surprise, they did – so we booked ourselves two nights to experience treehouse living in the cozy retreat once featured on the DIY network.


Upon arrival, we had to get a picture of Odie standing in front of the treehouse, and to our delight, there was fresh snow on the ground, and the Christmas lights still adorning this magical double decker treehouse.


Nestled on a private, wooded 7 acres, this artistic architectural marvel is truly one of a kind.

As blue hour slowly creeped in, the warm light and details of the exterior came into focus, and a short sprinkling of fresh snow made for a magical scene. 

The interior of the treehouse is as cozy as it looks. Unique decor, art pieces, and fairy lights make for an attractive setting, and the live tree trunks that provide the house with structural support steal the show


The house has all the luxury amenities you need – wi-fi, a big screen TV, a heating/cooling system, dishwasher and a coffee maker. While it’s the perfect place to unwind and unplug, it is nice to have these amenities in case there is some work you need to get done, or a Netflix show you want to cozy up to.


The house has one bedroom, and 1.5 bathrooms. While the home can comfortably host a family of 4-5, we think it’s ideal for a couple looking for a romantic retreat, an artist looking for a creative retreat, or a small group of close friends.

Odie was completely in his element in the treehouse. He was excitedly running up and down the hand-built staircase, and tremendously enjoyed having 7-acres of land to run around on.

For more images of the treehouse, and your daily dose of unique places & spaces, follow Roomporn on Instagram.

Link to original Room Porn Post (with full photos and video walkthrough of treehouse):

Elope in Glacier National Park and Stay at Montana Treehouse Retreat.

This past summer/fall season we have had the pleasure of hosting elopers from all over the country. The beauty of Glacier National Park draws more and more visitors each year and what more perfect place to get married than here?

Nikki and Brandon tied the knot last month in Montana while enjoying their time at Montana Treehouse Retreat. Nikki shared her wedding video with me and it was so beautifully done that I just had to share. Watching the footage of Nikki and Brandon getting ready for their wedding day in the treehouse and then the first look when he sees her walk down the spiral stair in her dress is just beautiful. What a fairytale.

I love the idea of a simpler wedding with the intention of spending more on memories as Nikki says. See below. Wow. Thanks for visiting us guys and wishing you a lifetime of adventures such as this!

Video by Evan Lanier (Livemore Weddings)

1. Tell us how you met each other. Where do you live?

Brandon and I met through our brothers who are best friends. We live in Rome, Georgia.

2. Why did you decide to elope?

I’ve always (thought) I wanted a big wedding but when it came down to it, I didn’t want to deal with the stress of planning all the details a big wedding entails. We decided we would rather spend the money on making memories together.

3. Have you been to Montana before? What made you choose to elope to Montana? 

This was our first time in Montana, it had been on our bucket list for a while. When we decided we wanted to get married, we were already planning our trip and decided we would just tie the knot while we were there! 

4. Had you stayed in a treehouse before? 

No, definitely a first for us!

5. Why did you want to elope and stay at Montana Treehouse Retreat?

We had been researching hotels, lodges, etc. for about a month and since we were not at all familiar with the area, we were having a hard time deciding where to stay. One day, I just happen to look on Pinterest for “best place to stay near GNP”   The treehouse popped up and once I saw the pictures and location, I just knew this was our place!

6. Tell us about how you chose the location for your wedding!

I found my photographer (Marianne West) before I even started looking for flights or a place to stay, her blog with some past elopement shoots helped tremendously! 

Our elopement was so personal and intimate with only my mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and sister there. Also, because the wind was SO STRONG on our wedding day we ended up getting married at a different location than we had originally planned ( by two medicine lake). We ended up doing the actual ceremony at Running Eagle Falls and that is the first little hike we did when we started exploring in GNP on our very first day, not knowing we would be getting married there!

We fell in love with Montana and cannot wait to visit again. We plan on exploring a new national park every year for our anniversary! 

Are you interested in booking a stay at the treehouse? Contact us today at: 406-890-9925 to discuss details, or check availability and BOOK ONLINE TODAY.

The Montana Treehouse Retreat through Forrest Mankins Eyes.

We had the pleasure of hosting the talented Forrest Mankins on the property this past month for a few nights. Forrest is a photographer that I have followed for a while on Instagram. His way of telling his story through his lifestyle photography leaves you feeling like you are right there along for the adventure.

Check out the images he captured during his stay at Montana Treehouse Retreat! Thanks for visiting us! Cheers.

The Montana Treehouse Retreat is set in it's own secluded wooded area equipped with a campfire ring.

The Montana Treehouse Retreat is set in it's own secluded wooded area equipped with a campfire ring.

The interior looking out at Montana Treehouse Retreat

The interior looking out at Montana Treehouse Retreat

The custom hand crafted spiral staircase leading up to the Montana Treehouse Retreat sets the grand entrance for the property.

The custom hand crafted spiral staircase leading up to the Montana Treehouse Retreat sets the grand entrance for the property.

The treehouse at night is a magical place.

The treehouse at night is a magical place.

Winding up to the treehouse up the Douglas fir spiral staircase.

Winding up to the treehouse up the Douglas fir spiral staircase.

The master suite loft looks out over the forest with windows leading out to views of pine trees and seclusion. 

The master suite loft looks out over the forest with windows leading out to views of pine trees and seclusion. 


All images by @forrestmankins, Forrest Mankins.

To see more of Forrest's work:



Montana Treehouse Retreat featured by Lonely Planet

Escape into nature in this authentic Montana rustic tree house

Who says tree houses are for kids? A stunning tree house retreat in Montana is getting a lot of love from adults looking to explore the nearby pursuits of Flathead Valley, Whitefish Mountain Resort and Glacier National Park.


Built by Kati and Darin Robison, both 4th generation Montanans, who admit they had dreamt about building a tree house for quite some time. Built with the help of buddies and their respective dads, the completed retreat perches among the treetops but is easily accessible by a series of staircases leading up from the forest floor. The grand entrance is a spiral staircase custom crafted around a giant Douglas fir tree. “The tree house can sleep five comfortably but is also wonderful for couples and romantic getaways,” says Kati. “The setting is perfect for a writer’s retreat or romantic getaway with your own private wooded acreage.”

The first floor has a full bathroom with a full-sized shower and sink. Two living trees grow through the actual interior and two living trees are through the tree house decks. The two-storey wooden tree house has a silver spiral staircase that connects two floors while tree trunks run through the middle of the property.


“The master suite loft leads out to the 2nd story tree house deck through a sliding glass door, for the most relaxing space to enjoy a morning coffee overlooking your private wooded setting. The master suite loft also has a private half bathroom.

We used a combination of locally sourced materials and reclaimed materials to give it an authentic Montana rustic feel,” adds Kati. With a not insubstantial  500 square-feet of living space along with two outside deck areas, full kitchen, dishwasher, stove and three lush padded benches to entertain which also double as sleeping quarters.

A stay at the Montana Treehouse Retreat costs $399 per night with a three-night minimum stay required.

Words: Mark McConville/Mediadrumworld

Apartment Therapy Features Montana Treehouse Retreat Airbnb

This Montana Cabin is Built Around Four Trees


Original Post on Apartment Therapy.

There’s something eternally appealing about a treehouse, isn’t there? As we get older, actual houses amongst the trees edge out the old school climb a ladder in your backyard version. This gorgeous house in Montana puts a new twist on treehouse living, with four trees growing through it, two on the deck and two in the living area. 

The two story cabin is tucked away in the woods near Glacier National Park. Somewhat reminiscent of The Burrow, folks enter the welcoming cabin via a spiral staircase wrapped around a large Douglas Fir. The two story, 500 square foot home is perfect for a romantic weekend for two (but can technically sleep five).

The first floor has a kitchen, full bathroom, two decks and padded benches that can double as sleeping areas but also look perfect for curling up and reading a book on a snowy day. The second floor consists of the master suite and yet another deck. 

The home is located on seven private acres and is close to numerous outdoor sites and activities including Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort and Flathead Lake. If you’re ready to run away to Montana, at least for the weekend, the home is available on Airbnb

h/t inhabitat

Rustic Fairytale Elopement at Montana Treehouse Retreat

There's nothing more romantic than eloping with the one you love in Montana. Any time of year, Montana has so much to offer with it's picturesque landscapes in all seasons including winter! Elopements are so much fun as they are so much more natural, less fuss and more about the couple's love than anything else. The treehouse is the perfect setting to say your "I Do's".

Lindsey Jane Photography captured this couple beautifully at the Montana Treehouse Retreat this winter in the snow. The end result is a dreamy fairytale rustic elopement. It reminds me of scenes from Snow White, except with a cute pup and with a Montana twist. 

A treehouse, your big love and your fur baby. What more could you need? See for yourself.


Special thanks to local vendors:

Photography: Lindsey Jane Photography

Tasty Treats: Fleur Bakery

Makeup: Angela Dowda

Hair: CS Bridal Styling

Dress:  J Scott Couture

Flowers: Mums Flowers

Bride and Groom: Jana & Logan Lamm

Photo Assistant: Rebecca Schaffer